The life of your campsites

La Via Natura: Pioneer of Responsible Tourism in Campsites

  1. Integration with Nature

The campsites within our association are carefully selected for their harmonious integration into preserved natural environments. They provide campers with privileged contact with nature while limiting their ecological footprint.

  1. Sustainable Practices

The Via Natura encourages and implements sustainable practices within its campsites. From waste management to the responsible use of water and energy, each campsite strives to minimize its impact on the environment.

  1. Awareness and Education

Beyond providing places to stay, The Via Natura is committed to raising awareness among its visitors about nature preservation. Educational activities and environmental awareness initiatives are offered to encourage campers to adopt responsible behaviors.

Unique Experiences for Responsible Travelers

Campers who choose to stay in The Via Natura campsites can expect an authentic experience, away from the usual tourist crowds. Facilities are designed to promote immersion in nature while offering the necessary comfort for a pleasant stay.

– Ecological Accommodations

From environmentally friendly camping spots to unique accommodations such as wooden cabins, yurts, cottages, or safari tents, a large number of accommodations are designed with maximum consideration for the local ecosystem.

– Responsible Outdoor Activities

The Via Natura campsites offer a range of nature-focused activities. Hiking, mountain biking, ecological and oenological excursions, and for some, workshops on local fauna and flora awareness are regularly organized.

– Cooking and Consuming Responsibly

Some campsites offer dining options that highlight local and organic products. Picnic areas and barbecue areas are set up to encourage environmentally friendly cooking.

The Positive Impact of The Via Natura

By choosing to stay in one of The Via Natura campsites, travelers directly contribute to environmental preservation and support local initiatives. The revenue from our campsites is mostly reinvested in the local economy.