The life of your campsites

Immerse yourself in Unusual Comfort: Choose Your Ideal Accommodation

  1. Luxurious Lodges: Natural Elegance

If you dream of a getaway where comfort meets nature, our luxurious lodges are made for you. Equipped with high-end amenities, cozy beds, and panoramic views, these stylish dwellings offer an unparalleled glamping experience. Relax on your private terrace, sip a glass of wine, and let yourself be lulled by the gentle murmur of the surrounding nature.

  1. Wooden Chalets: Natural Charm

For a cozy atmosphere and an authentic connection with nature, our wooden chalets are the ideal option. Nestled in picturesque corners of the campsite, these chalets provide the comfort of home with a rustic touch. Cook delicious meals and spend pleasant evenings with your loved ones. A relaxing experience in the heart of nature.

  1. Trapper Tents: Back to Basics

Those who appreciate simplicity and authenticity will be charmed by our trapper tents. Inspired by the spirit of pioneers, these tents offer a classic camping experience with a touch of luxury. Enjoy the pleasure of outdoor cooking, sleep under the stars, and wake up to the sound of birdsong. An immersive experience in nature.

  1. Wigwams: Native American Originality

Embark on an adventure in our wigwams, a legacy of Native American traditions. These unique accommodations provide a cultural experience while ensuring modern comfort. Enjoy the privacy of your own space while exploring the natural richness that surrounds you. A harmonious blend of tradition and modernity.