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Quirky Camping Interview: Le Pré Fixe

We would be a tree because it symbolizes harmony and serenity.

Also, our campground is a vast park with dozens of different tree species. During the summer, when it gets very hot, our trees cast a benevolent shade and provide a refuge from the heat. Birds, in great numbers, sing in chorus, adding a revitalizing melody to every awakening of our campers. Sunlight filters through the branches, creating a magical play of light across the campsite.

Our visitors find here a pause in their hectic daily lives, absorbing the peace that only a tree can offer. As managers, we strive to cultivate a spirit of well-being with our campers, and each tree is an extension of the hospitality we provide. Our commitment: to make our campground a place where nature and friendliness intertwine, creating a system of friendship and relaxation.

In the heart of our campsite, we transform into a delightful and communal experience: the Barbecue Night! Picture an outdoor feast where appetizing aromas tickle the senses, and laughter resonates among the trees. As managers, we are the conductors of this savory recipe, ready to take you on a gastronomic journey in the midst of nature.

The essential ingredients for this barbecue night are camaraderie and good spirits. Like the crackling embers beneath the grill, the atmosphere ignites as campers gather, sharing stories and forming bonds under the sparkling stars.

The menu? It’s as diverse as the personalities that populate our campsite. From juicy grills to fresh salads, each camper has the opportunity to create their culinary masterpiece. We, as Barbecue Night, provide a space where culinary talents are expressed, and flavors blend to create a gustatory symphony.

Picnic tables, illuminated by lanterns, become the stage for joyful tastings and moments of sharing. Perfectly cooked sausages are the highlight of an evening where everyone can indulge, create memories, and appreciate the simplicity of outdoor life’s pleasures.

As barbecue managers, we strive to make each barbecue night an unforgettable experience, where the joy of outdoor cooking blends with the conviviality of our campsite.

Hôtellerie de plein air à CASSAGNABERE-TOURNAS ( Haute Garonne ) : Camping Pré Fixe

“Three Little Birds” by Bob Marley Reflects the Atmosphere at the Heart of Our Campsite

In the natural park of our campsite, where greenery stretches as far as the eye can see, the tranquil atmosphere is perfectly captured by the carefree melody of “Three Little Birds” by Bob Marley. As soon as you step through our gates, the relaxed spirit of this iconic song welcomes you, inviting you to disconnect completely and explore nature.

Our campsite, nestled within a green haven, offers a refuge to all nature lovers. “Don’t worry about a thing,” sang Bob Marley, and that’s exactly what we offer here. The diversity of birds creates a soothing natural symphony, and whether you’re a passionate ornithologist or just a lover of serenity, every corner of our campsite resonates with the harmonious melody of the birds finding refuge in our natural oasis.

Bob Marley’s song adds a musical backdrop to the zen atmosphere that pervades our campsite. Relaxation spaces, shaded reading nooks under majestic trees, and picnic areas invite tranquility. “Rise up this morning’, smile with the rising’ sun,” and that’s precisely what our campers do here. The positive energy of “Three Little Birds” creates a friendly ambiance where visitors come together to share stories and laughter under the starry sky.

Our campsite strives to offer a carefree escape, and Bob Marley’s lyrics resonate with that promise. “Every little thing gonna be all right,” he sings, a mantra that guides our visitors towards complete relaxation. Whether you choose to get lost in nature, rest in a hammock to the sound of rustling leaves, or participate in friendly activities, every moment here is infused with the certainty that everything will be all right.

In our campsite, we celebrate the art of savoring life through the well-known expression: ‘Better to drink here than across the way.’ This saying perfectly encapsulates the essence of our establishment, where beverages become aromatic poems, and the ambiance of the bar-restaurant is a unparalleled space for sharing and conviviality.

At our bar, cocktails are more than just a drink. They are artistic creations, elixirs of pleasure designed to tantalize the taste buds and brighten the soul. Whether it’s a refreshing gin and tonic, a Gascon punch, or a house creation, each sip is an invitation to escape and relax.

Our wines are like musical notes, harmonizing perfectly with the picturesque setting of our campsite. From velvety reds to refreshing whites, each bottle tells a story, accompanying moments of sharing around the tables of our restaurant. Here, wine is not just a beverage but a companion on a journey of flavor exploration.

Beers, whether local or artisanal, are carefully selected to offer an authentic tasting experience. There’s nothing like a good glass of beer to accompany laughter, conversations, and sunsets that illuminate our campsite.

In our bar-restaurant, the atmosphere is a fusion of positive energies and conviviality. The tables are havens where friends gather, new friendships are forged, and stories are told over delicious meals. ‘Better to drink here than across the way’ becomes the mantra for those seeking an unparalleled beverage and dining experience.

So, whether you opt for an exotic drink, a refined wine, or an artisanal beer, our campsite invites you to taste the very essence of the expression. Here, ‘Better to drink here than across the way’ becomes an invitation to savor every moment, every sip, in a setting where the quality of beverages competes with the richness of shared encounters and smiles.