Sustainable Tourism, La Via Natura DNA

Sustainable Tourism, La Via Natura DNA

Sustainable Tourism, La Via Natura DNA

Sustainable Tourism, La Via Natura DNA

We wish you a respectful, unforgettable and responsible stay.

Discover examples of experiences you will have while staying at our member campsites.

Welcome to our resolutely committed campsites!

Since 2007, each member has been implementing concrete actions on the ground to go further in the respect of Nature and Human being. Discover the experience of sustainable development with us and share your ideas and knowledge.

We wish you a respectful, unforgettable and responsible stay.

Limiting our environnemental impact

Let’s reuse objects.

Sharing furniture: Give a second life to objects you no longer use: a book, flip flops, a bottle of oil opened… Any object still in good condition can thus serve you or others. Share rather than throw away!

Let’s respect selective refuse collection.

The best waste is the one that is not produced. Our waste is recovered through selective sorting, up to your leftover meals that you can give to the hens or throw away in the composter. The compost produced feeds the vegetable garden or the vegetation of the campsite; it also limits watering


Taking action for biodiversity.

We all belong to the LPO (League for the Protection of Birds) or a local nature conservation association. The maintenance of campsites respects its small inhabitants: maintenance of wastelands, mowing at late dates, planting of local species, “pantry trees” for birds. You will find on site a lot of information, guides or inventory of local species.

Promoting social and human connection

Our campsites are small and you will be personally welcome. It is essential for us to be able to take the time to receive you, then to accompany you throughout your stay.

Let’s respect each other. Let’s share good times together and live enriching encounters.

We prioritize local seasonal jobs and gender equity. We protect our employees by banning products that are dangerous to health and biodiversity: zero pesticide campsites and the use of ecological products only.

Developping local economic network

Our management method is healthy and sustainable. We make the daily choice to support the local economy to offer you good local products and limit our impact on the environment.

Find delicious local products in our bars, restaurants, grocery stores… We wish you beautiful taste discoveries.

Supporting local actors means -reducing our CO2 impact, avoiding waste, buying in bulk, favouring returnable packaging and thus reducing our waste.

Entrusting some of our waste promotes the circular economy: bread to animals, coffee grounds and compost to shared gardens… metals to local artisans. Let’s work with local actors. Prefer bulk purchases. Let’s refuse superfluous packaging

Sustainably Committing TOGETHER !