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5 Good reasons to visit the Tarn

Via Natura wishes to regularly highlight the different territories where our campsites are located and which make up the wealth of our association. Today we are going to the South West, more precisely to the Tarn department. The campsite Le soleil Des Bastides in Cahuzac sur Vère presents 5 good reasons to come and visit them:

The Bastides Albigeoises 

Discovering the Tarn, our territory, inevitably means discovering its magnificent medieval villages: the Bastides.

But what is a bastide? It is a new town… yes, but from the Middle Ages. Built from scratch around a market square with streets and alleys criss-crossing the town. Although these new and original constructions for the time were in favour of trade, the political project was no less innovative: the equality of the inhabitants and their autonomy was left to them to lead and manage the town. This in a period between the Albigensian Crusades and the Hundred Years’ War! Modern we say!

If our campsite bears the name “Le Soleil Des Bastides” it is because it is ideally situated in the heart of the most beautiful villages of the Tarn. Cordes sur Ciel, Castelnau de Montmiral, Puycelsi, Bruniquel, Penne, Monestier… are magnificent ambassadors for this.

Strolling through their peaceful streets is sure to leave you with a sense of wonder and disorientation, and a sense of hope!

Wine tourism, The Gaillac vineyard 

For the more chauvinistic, the wine of Gaillac is the one that was shared by Jesus and the apostles during the final scene. Well, that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but what is less well known is that the Gaillac vineyard is one of the oldest vineyards in France, along with certain Côtes du Rhône wines. A vineyard planted and exploited by the Romans since Antiquity. Traces and remains can be found at Montans, a remarkable archaeological site to visit. 

In the Middle Ages, the wine of Gaillac was a success all over Europe and if it was tasted on the table of the king of France, it was also on the table of the king of England! A true ambassador.  

But a series of unfortunate circumstances would put a stop to this apogee. The Wars of Religion, the Bordeaux region which, in order to impose its wine, which was less well known at the time, imposed a blockade on exports which had to pass through the port of Bordeaux… and much later, phylloxera, the two world wars… 

But fortunately, like the Phoenix, the rooster of Gaillac, the emblem of the town, has risen from its ashes. This is thanks to its climate, its favourable soils, its endemic grape varieties and above all its people. Its winegrowers, young and not so young, have taken up the torch to cultivate, vinify and create good “Braucol”, “Prunelart”, “Mauzac” or “loin de l’oeil” keels, these grape varieties born to live in harmony with the climate and the Earth here!      

Surrounded by vines and passionate winegrowers, we can only encourage you to push open the gates of the estates, meet passionate winegrowers who will let you taste their wines and tell you their story. Grape variety, vinification and appellation will no longer hold any secrets for you! Various possibilities are available to you: visits to the estates, aperitif-concerts at the winegrower’s and wine tasting in the summer at the campsite.

Come and immerse yourself in the Gaillac vineyards, with moderation and anyone else you like!

Preserved nature 

The Tarn is ideal for hiking and mountain biking. Its many marked paths at the foot of the campsite will lead you through calm, unspoilt, varied and undulating countryside! 

Among all these paths, we would like to highlight one in particular. The Chemin de Compostelle which links Conque to Toulouse and which passes at the foot of the campsite. Cahuzac-sur-Vère is a stage on this path for pilgrims arriving from Cordes sur Ciel on the GR46 and going to Gaillac. On the one hand the walks in the shade of the Vère towards Cordes and on the other hand the crossing of the vineyards.

The city of Albi 

Qui n’a jamais entendu parler de La cathédrale d’Albi ? … Sa cité épiscopale ? classée au patrimoine de l’UNESCO depuis 2010… le musée Toulouse Lautrec ? … ses ponts et ses berges le long du Tarn… Il y a une multitude de choses à faire et à voir dans cette ville à 25 min du camping Le Soleil Des Bastides, mais attardons-nous sur la cathédrale. 

Sainte Cécile est la plus grande cathédrale au monde construite en brique rouge. La majestueuse vous surprendra par son contraste entre l’extérieur et l’intérieur. Puissante, imposante, austère de l’extérieur, ses innombrables briques qui s’empilent, sa couleur ocre… Elle est là, bien là, on ne peut pas la louper… Et, à contrario, son intérieur raffiné, une dentelle de pierres taillées orne le chœur des chanoines et le sépare de la nef. Levez la tête et là, magie, une fresque peinte sur 18500m2 en faisant la plus grande cathédrale peinte d’Europe. Une visite à couper le souffle ! Un incontournable !!

La gastronomie : 

It’s no secret that in the South-West, we love to eat and local products are KING! The Tarn offers a wide range of delicacies: the pink garlic of Lautrec Label Rouge IGP, the pork-butchery of Lacaune, the truffle “black diamond of the Tarn”, the specialities of duck, the croquants of Cordes… Come and wake up your taste buds and delight your senses! ! By coming to Cahuzac sur Vère, you will also meet our local producers of fruits, vegetables and even meat… you will discover the sausage of Cahuzac, happy competitor of that of Toulouse…

Here are 5 good reasons to come and meet us in the Tarn, but there are many more... We will be happy to share all our little secrets and our favourites in a preserved environment that is just waiting to be discovered!

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