The life of your campsites

Quirky interview with the campsite: La Porte d’Autan

For us, the element that speaks to us would be the earth. The earth in which the roots of the Gaillac vines are anchored, from which the foundations arise

If we were an element of nature, we would be the sun.

Why the sun? Because the sun brightens our days, it gives joy and good humor. It warms and comforts even in the most difficult times.

It is a source of vitality, energy and light.

It allows us to be ecstatic at every moment and even more so when it rises or sets over the magnificent panoramic view that we have at the bottom of the campsite. The sun amazes us and gives us a different spectacle every day over the Aude plain and the Pyrenees chain.

The sun is the happiness of enjoying the present moment. We sit comfortably under its rays, we enjoy its warmth, its good positive vibes while enjoying a good book, a coffee, a glass of wine…

When we think of the sun we think of its shared moments, its moments of conviviality like around a barbecue in the summer. We escape by thinking about an outdoor vacation in a campsite as close as possible to nature.

If we were a superhero with a super power we would be Josephine, guardian angel.

Joséphine is a guardian angel sent to earth. She always has a smile, a good mood and is always there to make those around her happy.

She has the extraordinary gift of helping others, providing comfort and support in difficult times. She embodies kindness and empathy.

Each of his actions, his gestures, contribute to illuminating the lives of the people he meets, thus making each day an opportunity to sow seeds of happiness and hope.
With a snap of her fingers, she can quickly teleport from one place to another, tidy up or clean in seconds, make objects appear or disappear, talk to animals, repair. It would be super practical for us campsite managers to solve everything in the blink of an eye 😊

If we were a cooking recipe, we would be this delicious pizza prepared with love by Jean-Louis.

Pizza is the symbol above all of conviviality, relaxation and pleasure and is often associated with meals shared with friends or family.

Pizza is very adaptable and can be endlessly customized with a variety of ingredients that can suit different tastes and preferences. It appeals to all ages, from the youngest to the oldest. It transcends cultural boundaries, the aim being to bring people together around the same table to create unforgettable memories.

Pizza is a popular and relatively affordable dish, which makes it accessible to a wide audience, regardless of financial means.

Our song would be:

“It takes little to be happy” sung by Baloo, in The Jungle Book

” It takes little to be happy
Really very little to be happy
You have to be satisfied with what is necessary
A little fresh water and greenery
What does nature give us?
A few rays of honey and sun. »

The lyrics are cheerful and reflect what we want to instill in our campsite: simplicity and joy. Every moment spent here is a hymn to satisfaction, reminding us that happiness lies in the little things in life.

Like the lyrics of the song which celebrate nature and conviviality, our small family campsite offers a setting where the essential takes on its full value. The laughter of children mingling with birdsong, walks through natural trails and moments of sharing around a table illustrate our philosophy: true happiness lies in simplicity, in the beauty of the present moment and in connection with nature and others.

Our campsite thus embodies the magic of these little pleasures which embellish life and remind us that indeed, it takes little to be truly happy.

If the campsite were an animal, it would be represented by Ginaï and Haïlina, our two mini-horses.

Ginaï and Haïlina are the embodiment of the welcoming spirit of the campsite. They are the first to greet all the customers, giving a happy neigh to those who forget to pay their respects when passing their enclosure. Demanding tenderness and caresses, Ginaï and Haïlina listen, capturing everyone’s emotions with a unique sensitivity.

Their love for simple pleasures is reflected in their gluttony. They happily delight in the treats offered, showing their appreciation for the little touches.

Being at their side teaches us patience and gentleness, because we must be careful not to make any sudden movements. Caressing them gives us well-being and disconnects us. We just enjoy the moment with them.

Stéphanie loves to cuddle them nose to nose and smell their unique scent. When she has a little bit of stress or sadness, this is what she does and immediately, she feels relief.

Freedom ! When the campsite gates close, Ginaï and Haïlina take full advantage of their freedom, exploring and frolicking throughout the campsite and those just for her. What joy!

The key words of the campsite: “Here relaxation is an art of living”

Vacation time, at Camping La Porte d’Autan, we invite you to take the time, to slow down, to enjoy the present moment, the nature that surrounds you, your family, your loved ones

We have chosen not to provide a wifi connection throughout the campsite but simply at reception to encourage you to disconnect from everyday life by taking a digital break, a digital break.

On vacation, we reconnect but with the nature that surrounds us. We meet at the swimming pool, around the barbecue or simply with our neighbor, we enjoy our moments spent together.

It would go perfectly with a proverb that Stephanie really likes “Take it easy” which is an English expression that literally means “Take it easy” or “Take it easy”. This encourages taking a relaxed, calm and stress-free approach to any given situation. This proverb is often used to advise someone to relax, not to rush, or not to worry too much.

In French, we could express it in different ways such as:

“Take your time.”

“Slowly but surely.”

“There’s no point in running, you have to start on time.”

“No need to hurry.”

“Everything in its time.”

These expressions convey the idea of ​​not stressing out, taking things calmly and handling situations thoughtfully and without haste.