The life of your campsites

Quirky interview with the campsite: La Cascade

The water :

Present everywhere around us, it is one of the essential needs of our existence on earth and without it our life would be impossible.

For example, the first sedentary human civilizations developed along rivers or seas. It has always been necessary for our industries, our agriculture, our energy, our transport and our daily life. It is therefore in our interest to respect and preserve it.

The waterfalls located all along the Jonte (river which runs alongside our campsite) were shaped by man to power mills or to allow irrigation of the surrounding fields. In our nature campsite, we try to be very careful with our consumption to preserve it as much as possible.

Harry Potter!

Thanks to his magical powers, he can repair, tidy, clean, prepare meals and all that, with a single wave of his magic wand.

In our eco-responsible campsite where we already pay close attention to the products we use, we would be a great nature campsite without any more products. Our already very spacious campsites could be transformed into vast meadows for your stays in the great outdoors.

In addition, for his travels, he does not waste time in transport and he does not release any CO2 emissions because he apparates and goes wherever he wants whenever he wants:

Choice 1: nature camping = Camping La Cascade

Choice 2: Riverside campsite: Camping La Cascade

Choice 3: Camping in the Cevennes: Camping La Cascade


Sweet or savory, because they represent conviviality, coming together and the pleasure of eating a dish together where everyone can choose their topping and indulge to their satisfaction.

“l’Avenir” of Florent Pagny which tells of a possible future without violence and conflict. “A world a thousand times better”

“Society will be fair, the good will have power
The good guys will have their bust, in the aisles of duty
No more fights, no more quarrels, no more memorials
The streets will become so beautiful that we will almost live outside
Countries will be able to unite, it will be non-violent, the future”

A world where life is good like in our family campsite!

The vulture and more precisely the Bearded Vulture.

It uses updrafts to fly, gliding for hours without using any physical force. He is free to travel wherever he wants. He has such developed vision that he can see an object of 30cm at a distance of more than 3500m.

For more than 30 years, the Jonte gorges have been part of the vulture reintroduction program in the Cévennes. For the Bearded Vulture its reintroduction began 12 years ago. And our campsite in the heart of nature is one of the places allowing its establishment and monitoring. During your outdoor vacation, you will have the pleasure of seeing all these wonderful birds flying above your heads on the terrace of your chalet or, installed in your deck chair next to your tent, your van or your campsite -because.

These vultures are necessary for the natural balance and biodiversity of our environment. And we ensure that our campsite fits into this natural balance.

“When the last tree has been felled,

When the last river has been poisoned,

When the last fish has been caught,

Then we will know that money cannot be eaten.”